Our mission

We want to help young entrepreneurs to jump-start their businesses

If you have good ideas and want to create something off the bat, you’ve come to the right place!

With our many years of industry experience and expertise, our international connections in the food & beverage industry, a solid infrastructure and our VC, we can help both new and established start-ups to take great ideas to the next level.

Exciting stories

Start-up stories

That’s what we are proud of

Our portfolio

We are especially proud of the strong, innovative start-up brands under the Good Taste Angels umbrella.

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Areas of expertise

Our specialties

We don’t just provide venture capital. First and foremost, we are business angels. That why, as investors, we focus on start-ups in the industries we know best, and where we know how to create success stories best.

Spezialgebiet Lebensmittel

Food & beverages

Spezialgebiet Gesundheit Lifestyle

Health, nutrition & lifestyle

Spezialgebiet Commerce Platform

Food commerce & platform solutions

Spezialgebiet Vertriebs Logistikprozess

Innovative sales & logistics processes

Real partnerships

Our investment principle

Stage Seed


We work together to lay the foundation for a long-term, successful entry into the market. It is never too early for us to get to know your company and the people who founded it. We love to be inspired by your ideas!

Stage Series


We support you with our know-how and guide you on your journey to success. Our investment isn’t dependent on a financing round. We care about the team – and the power behind it.

Stage Later


We work with you to develop new opportunities for long-term growth. Don’t hesitate to show us your mature product or concept. We draw on our many years of expertise to provide individual support in the later stage.

A reliable partner

Our guiding principle

When he founded The Good Taste Angels GmbH as a ‘business angel’ and provider of venture capital, Marc Krüger, entrepreneur and managing director of the KRÜGER GROUP, set himself the goal of encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit. That spirit is deeply rooted in the DNA of the KRÜGER GROUP – after all, it was once a start-up, too.

We believe in the guiding principle of its founder, Willibert Krüger, who said that

“running a business is about running, and not about standing still.”

We aim to stay true to this principle and make sure it lives on in The Good Taste Angels!

Become part of our founding family and write your company’s opening chapter with us!